1603 John Henry Livingston

Born: June 21, 1603 at Monyabroch, Kilsyth Parish, Stirlingshire, Scotland Died: August 1672 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands His father was Rev. William Livingston. His mother was Agnes Livingston. He was married June 23, 1635 to 1613 Janet Fleming in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. They had fifteen children together, but many did not survive more than a few months. Children of John and Janet were: 1636 John Livingston 1638 William Livingston (may have been born in 1637) 1638 Bartholomew Livingston 1640 Agnes Livingston (probably died before 1645) 1642 Marion Livingston 1643 Janet Livingston 1644 John Livingston 1645 Agnes Livingston 1646 James Livingston 1647 Joanna Livingston 1648 Barbara Livingston 1652 John Livingston 1653 Andrew Livingston 1654 Robert Livingston 1657 Elizabeth Livingston John was an ordained minister in the Covenant Church of Scotland, like his father and his grandfather were before him. The family appears to have relocated several times; John and Janet were married in Edinburgh; their first child was born in Milton, Ireland in 1636; their second child was born in Lanark, Lanarkshire Scotland in 1638; they then lived in Edinburgh until about 1647 or 1648, when they relocated from Edinburgh to the village of Ancrum in Roxburghshire, Scotland; and then moved on to Rotterdam, (Holland) The Netherlands sometime between 1657 and 1663. Genealogy HOME Search Tool