1622 Peter Tallman

Born: 20 FEB 1622 at Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany Died: 1 APR 1708 at Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island He was buried in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island. His father is unknown. His mother is unknown. He was married to Joanna Briggs. They had these ten children together: 1666 Jonathan Tallman 1668 James Tallman 1672 Joseph Tallman 1672 John Tallman ____ Mary Tallman 1674 Mercy Tallman 1674 (un-named) Tallman 1676 Peter Tallman 1680 Nathaniel Tallman 1683 Benjamin Tallman Apparently John and Joseph were twins. Apparently Mercy and the un-named child born in 1674 were twins. Most probably, this un-named child died at birth. Genealogy HOME Search Tool