1638 William Livingston

Born: Jan. 7, 1638 at Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland Died: early in the year 1700 at New York, New York He was buried June 21, 1700 in Greyfriars Burial Ground, Edinburgh, Midlothian Parish, Scotland. His father was 1603 Rev. John Henry Livingston. His mother was 1613 Janet Fleming. He was married Dec. 23, 1663 to 1639 Anna Veitch in Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. Apparently, they both moved to New York (New Amsterdam) after 1663. They had these children together: 1669 Andrew Livingston born in Edinburgh, Scotland 1675 James Livingston born in Edinburgh, Scotland ____ John Livingston ____ Janet Livingston ____ Anna Livingston William was the older brother of 1654 Robert Livingston, First Lord of Livingston Manor in New York State, USA. Genealogy HOME Search Tool