1650 William Briggs

Born: 1650 at Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island Died: May 12, 1716 at Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island His father was John Briggs. His mother was Sarah Cornell. He was buried District 10, Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island. He was married to Elizabeth Cooke. William and Elizabeth had these seven children together: 1671 William Briggs (year of birth is approximate) 1681 Susannah Briggs 1685 John Briggs 1689 Elizabeth Briggs 1693 Thomas Briggs (*) 1693 Deborah Briggs (*) 1696 Job Briggs As Thomas and Deborah are shown as being born on successive days, it can be inferred that they were twins, born hours or even minutes apart, around midnight of September 5/6, 1693. Genealogy HOME Search Tool