1656 Alida Schuyler

Born: 1656 probably near Rotterdam, Holland (The Netherlands). Died: May 1727 at Livingston Manor, NY Her father was ____________________. Her mother was ____________________. She was married Feb. 10, 1675 to Nicholas Van Rensselaer. He was born in 1636. He died Nov. 12, 1678. At the time of their marriage Alida was 19 and Nicholas was 39 years of age. She was married July 9, 1679 to 1654 Robert Livingston. He had been the former clerk of Alida's first husband, Nicholas Van Rensselaer, who had died the previous year. At the time of their marriage Alida was 23 and Robert was 25. Alida and Robert had two children together: 1686 Philip Livingston born July 9, 1686 and died in 1749, age 62 Philip married Catharine Van Brugh, born in 1689. 1688 Robert Livingston born July 24, 1688 and died June 27, 1775, age 86. Robert married Margaret Howarden on Nov. 11, 1717. MORE INFO. Genealogy HOME Search Tool