1658 Rachel (Last Name Unknown)

Born: 1658 at Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA Died: April 10, 1731 at Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA Her father is unknown. Her mother is unknown. Her last name is unknown. She was married to Increase Allen. Increase and Rachel had these eight children together: 1682 Benjamin Allen 1688 Mary Increase Allen (she and Jedediah were twins) 1688 Jedediah Allen (he and Mary were twins) 1689 Susannah Allen (*) (this birth year may not be correct!) 1691 Rachel Allen (she may have been born in 1692) 1694 Increase Allen 1697 Hannah Allen (she may have been born in 1696) 1702 Dinah Allen (she may have been born in 1703) (*) Ancestry.com records shows the date of birth for Susannah Allen as 1688 or 1689, however this cannot be correct if she got married, had eight children, and died in 1691. Given that she was listed first, I surmise that her birth year may have actually been 1678 or perhaps 1679. I am leaving it at 1689 for now because other records are linked to this date. Research, and much speculation, continue. Genealogy HOME Search Tool