1675 James Livingston

Born: Feb. 22, 1675 in Edinburgh, Scotland Died: 1725 probably in Kinderhook, New York (possibly Rotterdam NL) His father was 1638 William Livingston. His mother was 1639 Anna Veitch. He was christened Feb. 28, 1675 at Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. He was married to Maria Roos in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, probably about 1702; Maria died in 1703 or shortly thereafter, from complications caused by the dour weather of Scotland; she apparently contracted pneumonia during a visit from Rotterdam to Scotland in 1703, for the purpose of having their son James christened in the same church where his father was christened. They had one child together, 1703 James Livingston. After Maria's death, James married "Sarah" a few years later, in or near Rotterdam, Holland (The Netherlands/Nederland). Sarah was born in 1670. She became the step-mother of 1703 James Livingston. James had a (half-)brother named Andrew Livingston, but little is known of him. I did find some information that Andrew became a doctor and that both brothers were involved in the 1698 Darien Disaster. Both were officers in the expedition. Genealogy HOME Search Tool