1687 William Sherman

Born: About 1687 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA Died: About 1780 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA William was married in 1710 to 1689 Susannah Allin Allen at Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA. William and Susannah had eight children, all born in Dartmouth, MA: Mercy Sherman born Oct. 20, 1711 Rebecca Sherman born Oct. 5, 1713 Peace Sherman born Jan. 7, 1715 Rest Sherman born Jan. 1, 1718 Michael Sherman born Dec. 1719 (or 1717) Rachel Sherman born Nov. 6, 1721 Deborah Sherman born June 9, 1729 Philip Devoe Sherman born 1731 William was called the "cordwainer" as he was a shoemaker. His will was dated January 20, 1776 at Dartmouth, Mass. He lists several children and grandchildren. Much research has been done to find William's parents but so far (as of Dec. 2004) the parents are unknown. The only place he has been located is Dartmouth, Mass. He lived on the west side of Passcamanset, not far from the meeting house in Dartmouth. Twenty land transactions involve William Sherman. Info from Art Cohan and the "Shermans from Yaxley" group. A search query for this term will yield several links to follow up. Info on Ancestry.com: William Sherman - Research by Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood, aka Millie Lockwood - Genealogy HOME Search Tool.