Susannah Allen

Born: Feb. 4, 1689 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Mass. (or 1688) Died: Unknown Her father was Increase Allen. Her mother was Rachel (last name unknown). She was married in 1710 to William Sherman. William and Susannah had eight children, all born in Dartmouth, MA: Mercy Sherman born Oct. 20, 1711 Rebecca Sherman born Oct. 5, 1713 Peace Sherman born Jan. 7, 1715 Rest Sherman born Jan. 1, 1718 Michael Sherman born Dec. 1719 (or 1717) Rachel Sherman born Nov. 6, 1721 Deborah Sherman born June 9, 1729 Philip Devoe Sherman born 1731 NOTE: one source says Susannah was born Feb. 8, 1688 or 1689. The same source says she died in 1691, however that seems unlikely, as she would have had to be born, get married, have eight children, and die, all in the space of about two years. Investigation continues. - James Alan Sherman - See also Susannah Allin Allen Genealogy HOME Search Tool.