1703 James Livingston

Born: About Jan. 1703, in Rotterdamn, Zuid Holland (The Netherlands/Nederland). Died: After 1750, in Kinderhook, Columbia County, NY His father was 1675 James Livingston. His mother was Maria Roos of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His mother, Maria Roos (pronounced like "roche", this is Dutch for "Rose") died in 1703 when James was still an infant. She apparently died of the influenza, contracted during a voyage to Midlothian Parish near Edinburgh, Scotland, where she and her husband James were taking the infant James to be baptized. His step-mother was named "Sarah". She was born about 1670. James relocated to America early in the year 1728, and arrived shortly after the death of his uncle Robert Livingston, the First Lord of Livingston Manor. He was married July 9, 1728 to 1703 Catherina Coans (Kuhn) in the Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhook, Columbia County, NY. James and Catherina had these children together: 1730 Elizabeth Livingston (possibly born 1729; died 1733) 1731 Sara Livingston 1733 Elizabeth Livingston 1736 James Livingston (possibly born 1735) 1738 Samuel Livingston (birth year is approximate) 1740 Maria Livingston (possibly born 1739) 1746 Jacob Livingston 1750 William Livingston (birth year is approximate) James Alan Sherman N.B.: Kinderhook is located about 15 miles south of Albany, east of the Hudson River, and about 15 miles west of Pittsfield, MA. N.B.: It is believed that the information shown here is correct, but there is no confirmed data which links James to any earlier persons or branches of the Livingston family. Information from Robert N. Livingston Jr. and Peggy Brewster Here is a transcription of an apparent autobiography written by James. I've been told that this document is a hoax - but it /sounds/ real, and it makes for lively reading in any case. James Alan Sherman Genealogy HOME Search Tool