1703 Catherina Kuhn (Coans)

Born: Aug. 19, 1703, in Hessen, Germany Died: 1744 or 1751, in Kinderhook, NY (conflicting information) Her father was Samuel Kuhn. Her mother was Elizabetha Loescher. Her "Americanized" name seems to have been "Catherine Kuhn" and was sometimes spelled "Katherine Kuhn". She was also referred to as "Anna Catherine Kuhn". She was married July 9, 1728 to James Livingston, in the Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York. N.B. Her mother may have actually been Magdalena Berthen. According to the source information I have, Samuel Kuhn married Elisabetha in 1688, then married Magdalena in 1692; as Catharina was born in either 1699 or 1703, her mother was possibly Magdalena, although the same source shows her mother as being Elisabetha. N.B. Catharina may have been born after 1703; if the birth year of her youngest child, William is correct at the year 1750, she would have been 47 years of age when he was born, which seems very unlikely. Also her first child, Elizabeth, was born in 1729 or 1730, when she would have been already 26 or 27 years of age; in that period it was common for women to marry and start having children by the age of 20. Therefore, it seems likely that Catharina was born sometime after 1703. In the autobiography of her husband it is mentioned that Catherina was a member of the "PlatteDeutsch" group that sailed from Rotterdam to the New World. Information from Robert N. Livingston Jr. and Peggy Brewster 2017 - James Alan Sherman - jsherman@datapro.net Genealogy HOME Search Tool