Deborah Briggs

Born: 1723 in Little Compton, Newport County, Rhode Island. Died: (date unknown) in Dutchess County, New York state. Her father was Job Briggs. Her mother was Mary Tallman. She was married (date unknown) to Michael Sherman in Dartmouth, MA. Michael and Deborah had five children, all born in Dartmouth, MA: Job Sherman born -about- 1741 Jedediah Sherman born Mar. 26, 1745 Briggs Sherman born -about- 1747 Susanna Sherman born -about- 1749 Elizabeth Sherman born -about- 1751 There is also a reference found to an un-named male child born on March 29, 1734 and apparently stillborn or died soon after birth; this child may have been incorrectly attributed to Deborah Briggs, as she would have been only about ten years old at conception. Her name has also been found spelled "Deborrah", but I think that the correct spelling is probably "Deborah" so I am using that one. - James Alan Sherman - See also Deborah Briggs Genealogy HOME Search Tool.