1733 Sara House (Haus)

Born: 1733 (this date is probably not correct!). Died: Dec. 24, 1801; place unknown. Her father is unknown. Her mother is unknown. She was married in 1768 to 1746 Jacob Livingston. They had these children together: 1768 John Jacob Livingston 1770 James Livingston 1771 Catherine Livingston 1776 Sarah Livingston 1777 Jacob Livingston 1781 Samuel Livingston 1783 Peter Livingston 1791 Maria Livingston 1794 William Livingston N.B.: There is almost certainly some false data here - if Sara Haus was born in 1733, she would have been at least 60 years of age when giving birth in 1794 to William. This does not seem possible. It also means that she was 13 years older than her husband. Research continues. James Alan Sherman Genealogy HOME Search Tool