1741 Job Sherman

Born: Jan. 7 or 8, 1741 or 1742, at Dartmouth, Bristol County, Mass. Died: Approx. 1777 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. His father was 1719 Michael Sherman His mother was 1723 Deborah Briggs He was married to 1742 Eunice Briggs sometime before 1765 in Dutchess County, NY. If these dates are correct, Eunice was only 12 or 13 years old when they were married. They had three children: 1765 Briggs Sherman born in Dartmouth, MA 1769 Deborah Sherman born in Dartmouth, MA 1770 Abraham Sherman born in Dutchess Co., NY Job was in General Washington's army during the Revolutionary War. Both he and Eunice died at Valley Forge, PA. Eunice had apparently travelled with him when he enlisted in the army; this was not uncommon at that time. Information from Art Cohan and the Shermans of Yaxley group. Information from the 1790 Census for Berkshire, MA, which lists: Andrew Sherman Job Sherman Joel Sherman George Sherman Timothy Sherman NOTE: as the marriage is reported in Dutchess County in New York state, it seems likely that all three children were actually born there as well, rather than in Massachusetts. See also Ancestry.com: Job Sherman Genealogy HOME Search Tool.