1769 Conrad Pulis (nee Coenraad Pulisveld)

Born: Oct. 6, 1769 at Westchester County, Colony of New York Died: Aug. 16, 1852 at Lebanon Township, Wayne County, PA He is buried in East Dyberry Cemetery, state road 4019, Dyberry Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. His father was Willem Pulisveld of Holland. His mother was Elizabeth Roeger of Holland. He was baptized at Paramus, New Jersey on Nov. 5, 1769 at the Paramus Church, Bergen County, NJ. He was born and baptized as "Coenraad Pulisveld", but at some point changed his name to the Americanized spelling "Conrad Pulis". The former would be a proper Dutch name. In Dutch, the pronunciation of the name "Pulisveld" would sound like "Pulisfelt" to an english-speaking person. He was married in 1791 to 1773 Elizabeth Nelson, at the Paramus Dutch Reformed Church in Paramus, Bergen County, NJ. They apparently had these children together: 1792 William Pulis b. Oct. 3, 1792 d. Mar. 30, 1875 1794 John C. Pulis b. Dec. 7, 1794 1797 Abraham Pulis b. Jan. 21, 1797 1798 Elizabeth Pulis b. Nov. 21, 1798 1800 Henry Pulis b. Oct. 5, 1800 d. Feb. 13, 1879 1802 Peter Pulis b. Nov. 21, 1802 d. Jul. 16, 1869 1805 Maria Pulis b. Mar. 16, 1805 d. Dec. 29, 1852 1807 Elijah Francis Pulis b. May 18, 1807 1809 Elmina Adelaide Pulis b. Sep. 10, 1809 d. Mar. 23, 1896 1811 Aaron B. Pulis b. Nov. 8, 1811 d. Mar. 8, 1896 1815 Ephraim Pulis b. Nov. 28, 1815 d. Jul. 30, 1876 1816 Catherine E. Pulis b. Apr. 18, 1816 d. Dec. 17, 1901 They also had at least one daughter as a son-in-law, Calvin Niles, is mentioned in Conrad's obituary (he owed money to Conrad). In 1817 he was a member of the Baptist Church in Bethany when it was first organized. More information about Coenraad Pulisfelt: Coenraad Pulisfelt (b. October 06, 1769, d. August 16, 1852) Coenraad Pulisfelt (son of Willem Pulisfelt and Elizabeth Roeger) was born October 06, 1769 in WestchesterCounty, Colony ofNew York [believed], and died August 16, 1852 in Lebanon Twsp. Wayne County, PA. He married Elizabeth Nelson in 1791 in Paramus Dutch Reformed Church. Notes for Coenraad Pulisfelt: Coenraad baptized at Paramus Nov. 5, 1769, Paramus Church, Bergen County, N.J. This information obtained from Amer. Gen.Vol X1 p235, 1850 census, and Wayne county, Lebonon Twp. Pg.11 1800 Federal Census, also probate papers on file in Wayne County ,PA ,along with Baptismal records from the Paramus Church. Dates are also taken from grave stones found in the East Dyberry Cemetery on State road 4019, Dyberry twsp, Wayne County, PA. According to R.B. Rankin Genealogy, he states Coenraad as native of Germany, which is not true, but this information was given to him from an article from the Wayne Independent newspaper January 25, 1907 of an obituary of David Pulis . Coenraad is the ancestor of the Pulis family in Wayne County, PA . Coenraad, came up from New Jersey in February 1798 and purchased land in the Dyberry Creek area before it became a Township [1805] and started to clear the land. The very same night Thomas Spangenburg arrived from New Jersey with one ox harnessed like a horse and moved into a hut which one Kizer had built the year before. There was nobody living in Bethany at the time. Whether Coenraad, Elizabeth and Richard made the journey with Spangenburg is not known. This information was taken from a History of Wayne County, by Phineas G. Goodrich, 1880 page 293 that states Conrad Pulis came with a Richard Nelson and states, that he was a German. An old letter came into my possession, author unknown, as the last page is missing . This letter states that Coenraad and Elizabeth came to the Dyberry area with Richard Nelson, Elizabeth`s brother. The farm of Coenraad was below the Day`s Bridge on the Dyberry, now a sand and gravel pit. After the death of Coenraad, the farm was sold and taken over by Daniel W. Bolkcom. The original Dyberry Cemetery was also in this area an it was moved to its present site on State Road # 4019 approximately 50 years ago, more or less, and is now known as the East Dyberry Cemetery. It also appears that Coenraad after moving into the area started to use the American spelling of his first name instead of the German or Dutch. It does seem strange that Coenraad would come out to the Dyberry Creek area in the dead of winter to start a farm. It is most likely that he wintered over with the Nelsons. Richard Nelson and Coenraad settled on adjacent tracts of land near the Dyberry Creek, called the "Big Eddy". Coenraad died and left a will naming his two sons Ephraim and Aaron executors of his estate. Book #1 File # 394, page 409, Wayne County Court House, Honesdale, PA. Also see Administrator`s Notice in Wayne County Herald Newspaper dated August 31, 1852. In this will, he lists a claim against his son-in-law Calvin Niles and a judgment for the amount of $334.07, as unpaid and due his estate. Also two notes due from Aaron Pulis in the amount of $145.34, along with two other notes due one from Thomas Spangenberg and another on Jonathan D. Simpson. Apparently Coenraad made loans to his family and neighbors. His will was probated and inventoried September 10, 1852 in Wayne county. Coenraad was first buried in the old Pulis Cemetery off of Rte #191, adjacent to the old homestead farm. Sometime around the late 1940`s, or Early 1950`s, the property was sold to the Dyberry Sand and Gravel Co. The Cemetery was then moved and all the remains of the families interred in the East Dyberry Cemetery on State Road #4019. His name on the Grave stone is spelled Conrad Pulis [see photo]. More About Coenraad Pulisfelt: Baptism: November 05, 1769, Dutch Reformed Church, Paramus, New Jersey. Date born (2): October 06, 1769 Burial: August 18, 1852, Old Pulis Cemetery, Dyberry Cemetery, Wayne County, PA. Emigration: February 1798; he came from New Jersey. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: 1817, Baptist Church, Bethany, when First organized. More About Coenraad Pulisfelt and Elizabeth Nelson: Marriage: 1791, Paramus Dutch Reformed Church. Marriage Notes for Coenraad Pulisfelt and Elizabeth Nelson: Joan Ellis Pulis of Ottumwa, Iowa lists in her Genealogy that their marriage took place in Paramus Church, N.J. and lists Baptismal Records of that church as source. Genealogy Chart B 1-2, B 1-3. Other records list New Amsterdam Church, New York, O'Leary, Carol Fling and Susan Pulis, Georgia. Which is correct is not known, as this reseacher has not seen either Church records, so it is questionable. I have left Paramus Church as site of marriage, till other information directs a change. Albert E. Hooper Children of Coenraad Pulisfelt and Elizabeth Nelson are: William Pulis, b. October 03, 1792, Bergen County, New Jersey, d. March 30, 1875, Muscoda, Wisconsin. John C. Pulis, b. December 07, 1794, Bergen County, New Jersey. Abraham Pulis, b. January 21, 1797, Wayne County, PA. Elizabeth Pulis, b. November 21, 1798, Pompton Twp. [West Milford] Bergen County, New Jersey, d. September 28, 1873, West Milford Twp, Passaic County, New Jersey. Henry Pulis, b. October 05, 1800, Oregon twsp. Wayne County, PA, d. February 13, 1879, Orgegon twsp. Wayne County, PA. Peter Pulis, b. November 21, 1802, Dyberry twp Honesdale,PA, d. July 16, 1869, Dyberry twp Honesdale,PA. Maria Pulis, b. March 16, 1805, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA, d. December 29, 1852, Wayne County, PA. Elijah Francis Pulis, b. May 18, 1807, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA, d. 1852, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA. Elmina Adelaide Pulis, b. September 10, 1809, Wayne County, PA, d. March 23, 1896, Preston twsp. Wayne County, PA. Aaron B. Pulis, b. November 08, 1811, Dyberry twsp Wayne Co. PA, d. March 08, 1896, Fairflax, Linn County,Iowa. Ephraim Pulis, b. November 28, 1815, Lebanon Twsp. Wayne County, PA, d. July 30, 1876, Lebanon Twsp. Wayne County, PA. Catherine E. Pulis, b. April 18, 1816, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA, d. December 17, 1901, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Info courtesy of Gary Pulis. Genealogy HOME Search Tool