1770 Abraham Sherman

Born: About 1770 in Dutchess County, New York. Died: About 1850 in Tompkins Township, Delaware County, NY. His father was 1741 Job Sherman His mother was 1742 Eunice Briggs He was married to a woman named Mary, born about 1773 or possibly 1779, in New York. Mary's last name is not known. They appear to have had these children together: 1787 Andrew Sherman 1789 Job Sherman 1790 Abraham Sherman 1791 Briggs Sherman 1792 Howland Sherman 1794 Zillah Sherman 1797 Harry Sherman 1800 Alanson Sherman ____ Harriet Sherman (birth year unknown) However these next two births to this couple seem very unlikely, as their mother Mary would have been 50+ years old at the time, if born in 1773, and 44+ years old if born in 1779. 1823 Elizabeth Sherman 1825 Mary Sherman Furthermore, if Mary was born in 1779, she would have been only about 8 or 9 years old when Andrew Sherman was born in 1787! So, there may have been more than one marriage involved... Information from Art Cohan and the Shermans of Yaxley group, and ..the census of 1810 for Saratoga, NY; ..the census of 1820 for Masonville, NY; ..the census of 1830 for Masonville, NY. The 1820 census for Masonville lists Abraham and Job Sherman; I believe Abraham was Job's father. (...Millie Lockwood...) According to the "History of Delaware County" by W. W. Munsell 1797-1880, Abraham Sherman came in 1803 to Cold Springs (Barbourville) in Delaware County, NY from Unadilla, NY. His sons Harry and Alanson came with him. His son Job may have come earlier. Barbourville is just north of Deposit, and 30 miles east of Binghamton. Also at the same time (1803) came Moses Axtell and his family. This (1790) Moses Axtell was married to (1794) Zillah Sherman, daughter of Abraham and Mary as listed above. The 1820 census for Masonville, NY lists Abraham Sherman and Job Sherman as heads of households. The 1830 census for Masonville NY lists Job, Harry, and Abraham Sherman and Aaron G. Broad, who married Job's daughter Diantha. Diantha is mentioned in Job's will. More research has to be done but so far I have not found any other info to prove or disprove this information. -- Millie Lockwood Info on Ancestry.com: Abraham Sherman. Also information from the Barraclough branches (d-barraclough@canada.com) Genealogy HOME Search Tool.