1773 Mary (family name unknown)

Born: 1773 in Tompkins Township, NY (possibly born 1779) Died: 1820 in Hambletville, Delaware County, NY Her father is unknown. Her mother is unknown. She was married to 1770 Abraham Sherman. They appear to have had these children together: 1787 Andrew Sherman 1789 Job Sherman 1790 Abraham Sherman 1791 Briggs Sherman 1792 Howland Sherman 1794 Zillah Sherman 1797 Harry Sherman 1800 Alanson Sherman ____ Harriet Sherman (birth year unknown) However these next two births to this couple seem very unlikely, as their mother Mary would have been 50+ years old at the time, if born in 1773, and 44+ years old if born in 1779: 1823 Elizabeth Sherman 1825 Mary Sherman Information from Art Cohan and the Shermans of Yaxley group, and ..the census of 1810 for Saratoga, NY; ..the census of 1820 for Masonville, NY; ..the census of 1830 for Masonville, NY. Also information from the Barraclough branches (d-barraclough@canada.com) -- Research by Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood, aka Millie Lockwood Info on Ancestry.com Mary (wife of 1770 Abraham Sherman Genealogy HOME Search Tool.