1773 Elizabeth Nelson

Born: Feb. 20, 1773 at Cornwall, England Died: Jan. 16, 1852 at Dyberry Township, Wayne County, PA. Elizabeth was buried about Jan. 18, 1852 alongside her husband in the Old Pulis Cemetery (East Dyberry Cemetery) on State Road #4019 in Dyberry Township, Wayne Co., PA. Her father is unknown. Her mother is unknown. She was married in 1791 to 1769 Conrad Pulis. They were married at Paramus Dutch Reformed Church, Paramus NJ. Conrad (Coenraad) was the son of Willem Pulisveld and Elizabeth Roeger. Children of Elizabeth Nelson and Coenraad Pulisveld are: William Pulis, b. October 03, 1792, Bergen County , New Jersey, d. March 30, 1875, Muscoda, Wisconsin. John C. Pulis, b. December 07, 1794, Bergen County , New Jersey. Abraham Pulis, b. January 21, 1797, WayneCounty , PA. Elizabeth Pulis, b. November 21, 1798, Pompton Twp.[West Milford] Bergen County, New Jersey, d. September 28, 1873, West Milford Twp, Passaic County, New Jersey. Henry Pulis, b. October 05, 1800, Oregon twsp. Wayne County, PA, d. February 13, 1879, Oregon twsp. Wayne County, PA. Peter Pulis, b. November 21, 1802, Dyberry twp Honesdale,PA, d. July 16, 1869, Dyberry twp Honesdale,PA. Maria Pulis, b. March 16, 1805, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA, d. December 29, 1852, Wayne County, PA. Elijah Francis Pulis, b. May 18, 1807, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA, d. 1852, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA. Elmina Adelaide Pulis, b. September 10, 1809, Wayne County, PA, d. March 23, 1896, Preston twsp. Wayne County, PA. Aaron B. Pulis, b. November 08, 1811, Dyberry twsp Wayne Co. PA, d. March 08, 1896, Fairflax,Linn County,Iowa. Ephraim Pulis, b. November 28, 1815, Lebanon Twsp. WayneCounty, PA, d. July 30, 1876, Lebanon Twsp.WayneCounty, PA. Catherine Elizabeth Pulis, b. April 18, 1816, Dyberry twsp Honesdale,PA, d. December 17, 1901, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is commonly believed, that Elizabeth and her husband Coenraad came into the Dyberry area in February 1798 with a Richard Nelson. Richard Nelson was her brother, from New Jersey. For a person to enter an area in the dead of winter and then start clearing land is questionable. The most likely thing would be that Coenraad stayed over the winter with a family and started in the spring to clear land. No mention of Elizabeth is made in "Goodrich History of Wayne County", Page 293 but she and Coenraad were married at this time as William their first was born in 1792 and baptized in Paramus, New Jersey in March, 1792. Also John was born in 1794 and Abraham in 1797, so there were three children at this time. This information was taken from an old letter, author unknown, as the last page is missing, but it stands to reason, that the above is true except for the date when Coenraad and Elizabeth came to Dyberry; the letter lists January 2, 1798, one month difference. Some researchers list Elizabeth`s birth date as February or October, this cannot be proven, as records not available. She was born from a second marriage of her mother along with a brother Richard and twin sisters, Katie and Affey Nelson. According to researcher, "Carolyn Fling", Elizabeth also had two half-brothers, who served in the American Revolution for King George. Elizabeth gave birth to 12 children - quite a large family, even in those days . The date of Elizabeth`s birth and marriage was taken from a genealogy chart from the "Genealogical Society of Stanford", Conn. and also a genealogy chart constructed by Charles C. Pulis of Brooklyn, New York around 1935. Both dates of birth for her are the same in both charts. Elizabeth and Catherine Nelson may have been Cousins. Note: Elizabeth, like many of her family were first buried in the old Pulis Cemetery off of Rte #191, on the old homestead property which she and her husband Coenraad had cleared and worked as a farm from 1798 when they first entered into the Dyberry area. When the property was sold to the Dyberry Sand & Gravel Co. the cemetery was exhumed and the bodies moved to a new Cemetery located off of State Road #4019 . This Cemetery is now known as the East Dyberry Cemetery. All of the Pulis remains are located at the top of the hill . Some 19 remains were not identified and placed in one grave without a marker. Source: Dyberry Cemetery records and "History of Wayne County". Joan Ellis Pulis of Ottumwa, Iowa lists in her Genealogy that marriage took place in Paramus Church, N.J. and lists Baptismal Records of that church as source .Genealogy Chart B 1-2, B 1-3Other records list New Amsterdam Church, New York, O`Leary, Carol Fling & Susan Pulis. Georgia. Which is correct, not known, as this reseacher has not seen either Church records, so it is questionable.I have left Paramus Church as site of marriage, till other information directs a change. Albert E. Hooper Info from Gary Pulis Genealogy HOME Search Tool