Sarah Van Kleek

Born: Dec. 12, 1784 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY Died: 1851 in New York State Her father was Hugh Van Kleek. Her mother was Arriantje Parmentier. She was married Dec. 21, 1801 to Jacob Livingston, in Schoharie County, New York State. They had these children together: Sarah Livingston (Rhodes) born Dec. 24, 1801, died 1899 Hugh Solomon Livingston born Apr. 3, 1803, died 1869 Jacob J. Livingston born Jan. 22, 1804, died 1883 Harriet Ariantje Livingston (Stevens) born Apr. 22, 1806, died 1859 John H. Livingston born Oct. 17, 1808, died 1855 Margaret Livingston born Aug. 9, 1809, died 1810 Ahasuerus Benjamin Livingston born Jul. 15, 1810, died 1896 Hannah Livingston born Oct. 15, 1812 Mary Livingston born Apr. 9, 1813, died 1813 Stephen Livingston born June 14, 1815, died 1895 Catherine Livingston (Lord) born Oct. 18, 1817, died 1892 Nancy Livingston (Brazee) born June 29, 1819, died 1867 Ruth Livingston (Swatling) born Apr. 5, 1820, died 1897 Elizabeth Livingston (Burton) born Dec. 31, 1822, died 1885 Jane Caroline Livingston (Watson) born Dec. 31, 1822 * Burton Allen Livingston born July 14, 1827, died 1879 Thomas Tobias Livingston born Sept. 3, 1829, died 1917 Another entry I found showed Jane Caroline Livingston born Dec. 3, 1825; however, from reading the listing apparently written by her parents, it appears that Elizabeth and Jane were born twins on Dec. 31, 1822. It seems unlikely that the person who wrote the list of progeny would have accidentally or mistakenly listed them as twins were that not the case. There are some discrepancies between this list and data I found elsewhere. At upper right is a photo of the family bible of 1829 Thomas Livingston. This bible is now in the possession of my cousin, Kelley Petrucci. As she put it, "the bible is about two hundred years old; the pages are dried and cracked and it smells of wood smoke". Here is a photo and transcription of a paper found in the family bible, showing names and year of birth of Jacob, Sarah, and their children. - James Alan Sherman - Genealogy HOME Search Tool