1789 Job Sherman

Born: 1789 in Dutchess County, NY Died: 1860, probably in Masonville, Delaware County, NY His father was 1770 Abraham Sherman His mother was 1773 Mary (last name unknown) He was married to (unknown first marriage), likely about 1810 - 1814. It is believed that these children were the issue of this marriage: Lewis Sherman born 1814 (NOTE: may have been born 1820). Diantha Sherman born 1815 Harriet Sherman born 1817 (NOTE: this has not been confirmed). Caroline Sherman born c. 1830 Gitty Marie Sherman born c. 1847 (NOTE: this may not be correct!). Charlotte Sherman born c. 1847 (NOTE: this may not be correct!). Job was married c. 1852 to 1819 Polly Ann Mills in Delaware County, NY. The 1820 census for Masonville lists Abraham Sherman and Job Sherman as heads of households. The 1830 census (for Masonville?) lists Job, Harry and Abraham Sherman, and Aaron Green Broad, who married Job's daughter Diantha. The 1850 census for Masonville, NY has him listed as a farmer 61 years of age, with 1000 acres of land. Info taken from his will and the will of his daughter Diantha Sherman Broad. NOTE: the 1850 census does not list daughter 'Gitty Marie', allegedly born in 1847. It is probable therefore that this birthdate for Gitty Marie is not correct. The 1855 census for Masonville NY shows him born in Dutchess County and lists him at 66 years of age; it also says he had lived there for 44 years which would mean he had moved to Masonville at the age of 22. The 1855 census also lists: Wife Polly, age 36, born in Delaware County, NY Daughter Caroline, age 25 Daughter Charlotte, age 8 Daughter Zillah, age 1 Step-daughter Sally Mills, age 15 All three daughters presumably were born in Masonville, NY according to this data. It is quite likely, given the dates above, that Gitty Marie and Charlotte were the children of Polly Mills, rather than the children of Mary. If they were the children of Mary, then Mary was bearing children for more than thirty years altogether! Job's second wife was Polly Mills and after Job died, the 1865 county census for the Township of Tompkins lists her and her children living with Alanson and listed as sister-in-law. Here is a transcription of Job's Last Will and Testament. Research by Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood aka Millie Lockwood Genealogy HOME Search Tool.