1797 Harry Sherman

Born: 1797 in Delaware County, NY Died: 1865 His father was 1770 Abraham Sherman His mother was 1773 Mary (last name unknown) He was married to "Ada" (last name unknown), who was born about 1803. The 1865 census for Tompkins Township lists Alanson P. Sherman, age 65, born in Saratoga, NY. Also listed in his household are: Harry, age 68, father (does not say "of whom") Ada, age 62, mother (does not say "of whom") Charlotte, age 18, neice (to Alanson; born 1847) Zillah, age 12, neice (to Alanson; born 1853) NOTE: The Charlotte and Zillah listed here may have been the children of: 1789 Job Sherman and 1819 Polly Ann Mills This is not clear and needs further investigation. Polly went to live with Alanson Sherman, her unmarried brother-in-law, in 1860 upon the death that year of her husband, 1789 Job Sherman. Info is from the 1850, 1860, 1865 and 1875 census for Tompkins Township and Masonville, both in Delaware County, NY. - Research by Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood, aka Millie Lockwood - Genealogy HOME Search Tool.