1800 Alanson P. Sherman

Born: 1800 in Saratoga, New York Died: 1878 in Tompkins Township, New York His father was 1770 Abraham Sherman His mother was 1773 Mary (last name unknown) His name was found variously spelled as Alanson, Elanson, and Elauson. I believe that 'Alanson' is correct. He was apparently never married, although his sister-in-law, Polly Mills Sherman, came with her children to live with him after the death of her husband, Job, in 1860. The 1865 census for Tompkins Township lists Alanson P. Sherman, age 65, born in Saratoga, NY. Also listed in the household are: Polly (Mills), age 46, sister-in-law (to Alanson Sherman) Melissa, age 25, daughter (in 1860 census spelled "Melipa") Mary, age 40, sister, born c. 1825 Elizabeth, age 42, sister, born c. 1823 in Delaware County Peter B., age 7 months - no idea who this is! Edwin H., age 36, brother (probably Edwin Humphreys) Charlotte, age 18, neice (Charolette) [sic] - born c. 1847 Zillah, age 12, neice (Ziller) [sic] - born c. 1854 also listed are Alanson's brother Harry and his wife Ada: 1797 Harry (Sherman), age 68, (listed as "father"; of whom is not specified!) 1803 Ada ___________, age 62, (listed as "mother"; of whom is not specified!) The 1870 census of Tompkins Township, Delaware County lists: 1800 Alanson, age 71, farmer 1819 Polly, age 51, house-keeper 1866 Mary Humphrey, age 4, born in New York. NOTE: Because Polly would have been 47 years of age at the time that Mary Humphrey was born, according to the above information, it seems likely that Polly may have been Mary's grandmother, but was probably not her mother. - James Alan Sherman - Genealogy HOME Search Tool.