1801 Jacob Faatz

Born: Nov. 4, 1801 in Leipzig, Upper Saxony, Germany Died: Dec. 4, 1855 in Prompton, Wayne County, Penn. His father was 1771 Christopher Faatz. His mother was 1772 Elizabeth Ann Hinds. He was married to 1799 Christine Greiner. He was buried in Old Glass Factory Cemetery, Bethany, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. He was listed as a 48-year-old laborer on the 1850 U.S. census for Dyberry Township, Wayne County, PA. Children of Christine Greiner and Jacob Faatz are: 1826 Henry G. Faatz born 1826 1832 Anna Eliza Faatz born 1832, and died 11 Oct 1833. 1836 Malissa Faatz born about 1836 in Pennsylvania. 1838 Franklin L. Faatz born about 1838 in Pennsylvania. ____ Augustus G. Faatz (birth year not known) ? Lulu Pulis Morley said the Faatz's were the first glassmakers in America. While that does not appear to be the case according to my research, I did find this mention of Jacob Faatz at the website for the Wayne County, PA Historical Society: Jacob Faatz opened the Honesdale Glass Company at the mouth of Carley Brook in the area know at Tracyville in East Honesdale. The factory failed after three years and went through several owners before James Brookfield in 1849 made it a success. At one point this factory was named the Anthracite Glass Company because it was the first to use anthracite coal to make glass in the County. But in 1861 the dam on one of the feeder ponds for the D & H Canal gave way and the water rushed down Carley Brook and destroyed the factory. - James Alan Sherman - Genealogy HOME Search Tool