Sarah Livingston

Born: Dec. 24, 1801 at Schoharie County, NY Died: 1850 or 1899 in Fulton, probably in Schoharie County, NY. Her father was Jacob Livingston. Her mother was Sarah Van Kleek. She was married in 1820 to Matthew Barr (or Bard) in Schoharie County, NY. She was married in 1840 to James B. Rhodes in Schoharie County, NY. There is conflicting information available as to Sarah's date of death. Some references show 1850, others 1899. 1850 seems more likely to be true. She probably died in Fulton, Schoharie County, NY but there is also a Fulton in Oswego County, NY. Given that all other place names for her and for her family members are in Schoharie County, that is probably the Fulton where she died. Genealogy HOME Search Tool