1803 Hugh Solomon Livingston

Born: Apr. 3, 1803 at Schoharie County, NY Died: Nov. 20, 1868 at Manchester Township, Boone County, Illinois. His father was Jacob Livingston. His mother was Sarah Van Kleek. He was christened May 15, 1803 at the Reformed Dutch Church in Middleburgh, (Middlesburgh) Schoharie County, NY. He was married Feb. 12, 1827 to Lavinia (Lovina) Dickinson in Middleburgh, (Middlesburgh) Schoharie County, NY. This is only speculation, but it is possible that there is a family connection to 1847 Solomon Swathing Livingston, given that both resided in the Manchester Township in Boone County, Illinois at one time, and both were born in Schoharie County, New York. I suspect that 1803 Hugh Solomon Livingston is the father of 1847 Solomon Swathing Livingston. JAS Genealogy HOME Search Tool