Ezra Wood

Born: October 20, 1806 Died: August 31, 1886 at Griswold, CT His father was (unknown). His mother was (unknown). He was married to (unknown - first marriage). This may have been "Jane Fuller". He was married to Elizabeth Fuller on January 12, 1834 at Colchester, CT. He was married to Frances Maria (Spicer) Olin on April 5, 1875 at Griswold, CT. Ezra and Elizabeth had three children before their marriage in 1834 - Cornelia born 1830 Cornelius born 1830 Daniel born 1832 Some or all of these may have been from a previous marriage by either Ezra or Eliza or both; this is not known. Cornelia and Cornelius are believed to have been twins. Ezra and Eliza then had more children after 1834, including: Ezra Jr. born 1835 Jane C. born 1836 And the mother of these children of Ezra was probably Jane Fuller: Asahel born 1840 John born 1840 Sarah born 1841 Horace born 1846 Daniel's death certificate lists Elizabeth Fuller as his mother; Asahel's lists Jane Fuller as his mother. Asahel and John were twins. Cornelia stayed in Connecticut and married William Banning. Sarah stayed in Connecticut and married William Corey. Asahel and Daniel moved to Massachusetts around 1860. Ezra and Eliza applied for and drew pensions as they were dependent upon their son (Horace), who worked in the cotton mills. Eliza filled out an application stating that she could not work, neither could Ezra and she goes on to list her children and the amount of support she has received from them in the recent past. She also states that she lived in Greenville for 4 years, lived in Masonvillle NY for 3 years and then Montville, CT for 2.5 years. This confirms how much moving around they did! Oddly, Eliza also gives three different marriage dates in these affiadavits, but consistently says on census info that she had been married once. The three marriage dates were: 27 Jan. 1830, Feb. 1831, and 12 Jan. 1834. The couple did not sign this document, but left their marks. The 1865 census of Masonville, NY lists Ezra and Eliza as living with daughter Jane and her husband William Judson Sherman. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.