1806 Kezia Dodge

Born: Jan. 8, 1806 in New York State. Died: Jul. 30, 1863 in Pennsylvania. She is buried at East Dyberry Cemetery, Dyberry Township, Wayne Co. PA Her father was (unknown). Her mother was (unknown). She was married Sep. 1, 1825 to 1802 Peter Pulis. They had these children together: 1826 John Switzer Pulis b. Jul. 13, 1826 at Lebanon Township, PA 1828 James Mortimer Pulis b. Feb. 21, 1828 at Bethany Township, PA 1829 Almira E. Pulis b. 1829 at Lebanon Township, PA 1831 Stephen Pulis b. Oct. , 1831 at Dyberry Township, PA 1834 Addison W. Pulis b. Apr. 21, 1834 at Dyberry Township, PA Information courtesy of Gary Pulis Genealogy HOME Search Tool