1812 John M. Burhyte

Born: Sep. 8, 1812 (or 1813) at Albany County, NY state Died: Feb. 20, 1874 at Windsor, Broome County, NY He lived 60 years, 5 months and 12 days. He is buried at Cascade Valley Cemetery, Windsor, Broome Co., NY. He is buried next to his mother, 1772 Caroline Pulver. His father was 1772 John T. Burhyte, who may have been originally named "Johannes Tunis Barhyte". There is no other information available about him at this time. His mother was 1772 Caroline (orig: Catleyntie) Pulver. John was married Feb. 13, 1862 to 1844 Catherine Ann Brock. They had these six children together: 1862 Jane "Jennie" Elizabeth Burhyte born 1 Jan 1862 ; died Apr. 7, 1893 1864 Jacob Henry Burhyte born 6 Nov 1864 ; died Mar. 26, 1912 1866 Caroline Lucretia Burhyte born 11 Nov 1866 ; died May 12, 1917 1869 Mary Cornelia Burhyte born 2 Nov 1869 ; died Sep. 3, 1958 1872 James Horace Burhyte born 4 Nov 1872 ; died May 23, 1928 1872 John Elliot Burhyte born 4 Nov 1872 ; died in 1877, age 5 All these children were born in New York State. N.B.: James and John (Jr.) were twins. N.B.: The subject, John. M. Burhyte, is shown elsewhere with a DOB of Sep. 8, 1810 and DOD of Feb. 20, 1871, but I believe the information shown above is more likely correct...there were two children born in November 1872, which precludes the chance that John died at any time in 1871. John M. Burhyte had these siblings: 1792 Jacomyntie Burhyte 1794 Maria Burhyte 1796 Tunis I. Burhyte 1805 Lucretia Caroline Burhyte 1810 Betsey Burhyte If the 1810 DOB is correct for John M., then Betsey was most likely his twin sister. Other data shows birth years of both 1812 and 1813. I beleive that 1812 is correct. The Federal census of 1850 for Windsor, Broome County, NY page 217, film number 017052 shows: John M. Burhyte, age 38 male, Farmer, born in New York Betsey Burhyte, age 40 female, born in New York Elisha Tinker (or Linker), age 28 male, born in New York This is consistent with the DOB in 1812 for John, and with the DOB in 1810 for his sister, Betsey. He is buried in Cascade Valley Cemetery in Windsor, Broome County, NY next to his mother, 1772 Caroline Pulver Burhyte. On his tombstone it says he died Feb. 20, 1871, aged 60 years, 5 months, 12 days. This would be consistent with the 1810 birthdate, however since his wife bore twins in November 1872, either he did not die in 1871, or else those children were not his. I believe that he was born in 1812 and died in 1874, and that the 1874 date was mis-read as 1871. - James Alan Sherman - Genealogy HOME Search Tool