1813 Russell Humphrey

Born: c. 1813 Died: unknown His father is unknown. His mother is unknown. He may have been married to 1819 Polly Ann Mills. Nothing is known about Polly's descendants with Russell Humphrey, except that they may have had a daughter called "Sally Mills", born c. 1835, who seems to actually be Melissa (Mills), born 1840. It appears that Sally was a nickname for Melissa, as there is no information available for any Sally Mills that we can find, and there is scant information available for Melissa. Polly may have given birth out of wedlock. The 1870 census of Tompkins Township, Delaware County lists: 1800 Alanson Sherman, age 71, farmer; (Elauson [sic]) 1819 Polly, age 51, as "house-keeper"; 1866 Mary Humphrey, age 4, born in NY. NOTE: Because Polly would have been 47 years of age at the time that Mary Humphrey was born in 1866, according to this information, it seems likely that Polly may have been Mary's grandmother, or perhaps an aunt, but almost certainly was not her mother. Likewise, Mary Humphrey may be the daughter, grand-daughter or even the niece of Russell Humphrey. Investigation continues. - Research by Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood, aka Millie Lockwood - Genealogy HOME Search Tool