1814 Lewis Sherman

Born: 1814 (or possibly 1820), in New York (or possibly Vermont) Died: between 1900 and 1910, probably in Afton, Chenango County, NY His burial site is unknown but may be on the Sherman Family Homestead in Afton, NY. His father was Job Sherman His mother was (name unknown - Job Sherman's first wife). He was the sixth child of this couple. He was married in 1849 to Emiline Burghdorf aka "Emily". Lewis died before 1912, as Emiline was listed as a widow in Afton, NY in 1912. A family story has him going with his (half-?) brother, William Judson Sherman, to visit relatives in Windham, CT in March of 1870; there was an accident on the way and Judson was killed. Some accounts say that both were killed, however the 1880 census shows Lewis as still alive, and reportedly also in the 1900 census, which would mean that he died between 1900 and 1910. Lewis was married prior to marrying Emiline, but we don't know to whom; with his first wife he had at least one child: 1843 Henry C. Sherman Lewis and Emiline had these children together: 1850 Sylvester Sherman 1853 Schuyler Vanunsler Sherman 1855 Mary Sherman 1859 Delphine Sherman 1860 Sarah Sherman 1860 Francis Sherman 1871 Cora Sherman Lewis was a farmer and shoemaker. Lewis and Emiline were listed in the 1850 census for Sanford, Broome County NY as follows: Lewis, age 36; Emiline, age 19; Henry, age 6; Sylvester, age 9 months, living with Russell Humphrey, age 37. The 1860 Census for Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY shows on page 367: Lewis age 40 shoemaker (probably s/b age 46) Emily age 30 Henry age 17 farm laborer Sylvester * age 10 Schuyler * age 8 Mary * age 5 Sarah age 1 month * = cannot read names - best guess is shown here. [NOTE: some records show that all these children were born in Vermont, however it seems extremely unlikely that any were born in Vermont, given that they are all listed in the census several times in New York state during the period when most were born.] They were also listed in 1870 living at #602, Town of Sanford, Broome County NY, as follows: Lewis, age 55; Emiline, age 35; (probably s/b age 38 or 39) Sylvester, age 20; Delphine, age 11; Francis, age 10. The 1880 census for Deposit, Delaware County, NY shows on p. 093: Lewis age 57 born NY, shoemaker (probably s/b age 67) (..he had only aged 2 yrs. since 1870 census; could be someone else) Emiline age 34 born NY (..and she actually lost a year...or this is someone else) They were also listed in the 1900 census. Lewis died sometime between 1900 and 1910. NOTE: The 1850 census shows Lewis at age 36 and the 1870 census shows him at age 55, both of which would mean that he was born about 1814, rather than 1820 as previously believed. Because I am uncertain of the source of the "1820" date, and because multiple records indicate a birthdate in 1814, I have changed this to be 1814. Research courtesy of Mildred Faith Sherman ("Millie") Lockwood. Edited by James Alan Sherman Genealogy HOME Search Tool.