1815 Diantha Sherman

Born: Sep. 10, 1815 in Masonville, Delaware County, NY Died: Oct. 10, 1883 in Masonville, Delaware County, NY She died at the age of 68 years. She is buried in the Sherman family cemetery in East Afton, NY. Her father was Job Sherman Her mother was (unknown - Job Sherman's first wife). She was the third child of this couple. She had a brother named 1814 Lewis Sherman, and a brother 1828 William Judson Sherman. Either or both may have been half-brothers. She was married to 1791 Aaron Green Broad about 1835. Info from her will, cemetery stones, and census records via Millie Lockwood. Here is an transcribed account of the last will and testament of Diantha, which includes the names of numerous heirs and relatives. This copy of her will is courtesy of Susan Wellington. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.