1819 Polly Ann Mills

Born: 1819 in Delaware County, NY Died: June 28, 1871 at Sanford, Broome County, NY. She is buried in the China Road Cemetery, on County Route 2 in Deposit, Delaware County, NY. Her father was probably named "Harry" - see below census info. Her mother was probably named "Ada" - see below census info. She was married to a man named "Humphrey" who was probably Russell Humphrey, born c. 1813, and mentioned elsewhere on this site. Nothing is known about Polly's descendants with Mr. Humphrey, except that they apparently had a daughter named Sally Mills, born c. 1835. This daughter is probably the same person as "Melissa", born 1840, who is listed in the 1865 Census for Tompkins Township (see below). She was later married to 1789 Job Sherman. She was 1789 Job Sherman's second wife. They had three children together: Charlotte born 1847 Gitty Marie born 1847 Zillah born 1853 Polly Mills Sherman went with her children to live with her unmarried brother-in-law, Alanson Sherman, after the death of her husband, Job, in 1860. The 1865 census for Tompkins Township, Delaware County lists: 1800 Alanson P. Sherman, age 65, born at Saratoga, NY 1819 Polly, age 46, sister-in-law 1840 Melissa, age 25, daughter (of whom? may be "Sally Mills") 1825 Elizabeth, age 42, sister, born Delaware County (born 1825?) 1823 Mary, age 40, sister (born 1823?) 1829 Edwin H., age 36, brother (brother of...whom?) (born 1829?) 1864 Peter B., age 7 months (no idea who this is) 1847 Charlotte, age 18, neice 1853 Zillah, age 12, neice 1797 Harry, age 68, father (of Polly?) born Delaware County NY 1803 Ada, age 62, mother (of Polly?) The 1870 census of Tompkins Township, Delaware County lists: 1800 Alanson, age 71, farmer; (Elauson [sic]) 1819 Polly, age 51, as "house-keeper"; 1866 Mary Humphrey, age 4, born in NY. NOTE: Because Polly would have been 47 years of age at the time that Mary Humphrey was born in 1866, according to this information, it seems likely that Polly may have been Mary's grandmother, or perhaps an aunt, but almost certainly was not her mother. - Research by Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood, aka Millie Lockwood - Genealogy HOME Search Tool.