1828 Electa J. Wright

Born: 1828 at Unknown Died: Feb. 4, 1914 age 86 (place unknown) Her father was Abraham Wright. Her mother was Lois Green. Electa was the eldest child of this couple. She was married in 1846 to Henry S. Axtell. Henry and Electa had 11 children together. Three of the children (Lydia, Frances and William, ages 7 to 11) died with a three-week period in the fall of 1863, apparently of some sort of infection or disease, but that has not been confirmed. Their children were: c. 1848 Henrietta Axtell c. 1850 Jason Axtell c. 1853 Frances Axtell (died 1863) c. 1855 Lydia Axtell (died 1863) c. 1857 William Axtell (died 1863) c. 1859 Addie Axtell c. 1862 Lucia Axtell c. 1862 Lucius Axtell c. 1864 Alice Axtell c. 1866 Izora Axtell c. 1867 Charles Elliot Axtell They are shown in the 1880 census for Masonville, Delaware County, NY. Electa and eight children are shown in this 1900 Family Photo. - Information from Yvonne Axtell Berman -. Genealogy HOME Search Tool