1830 Lydia A. (Dutcher)

Born: Approx. 1830 in New York State (probably Brisben or Oxford) Died: After 1910 in New York State (probably McDonough) Her father is unknown. Her mother is unknown. She was married to 1820 Arnold Dutcher. It appears that Arnold and Lydia were born in Oxford, New York and that all their children were born in Brisben, New York. Oxford and Brisben are only about six miles apart, on Route 12 between Greene and Norwich. Brisben is part of Greene Township. They apparently had six children together, of which at least four were still living in 1910: 1858 Alice L. Dutcher 1860 James Arnold Dutcher - year of birth is approximate and unconfirmed 1861 George B. Dutcher - apparently Jaines's twin 1861 Jaines or Jainey - apparently George's twin 1864 Cyrus Marvin Dutcher ____ Unknown child (no information available; may have died at birth) The 1880 census for Brisben, New York lists: Lydia age 49 white female (Mother, Head of Household) Alice age 22 white female (Dau) George age 19 white male (Son) Jaines age 19 white female (Dau) Cyrus age 17 white male (Son) The 1910 census for McDonough, Chenango County, New York lists: Dutcher, George B. (Head of Household) age 50 white male, single, farm laborer Lydia A. (Mother) age 81 white female Crosby, Alice (sister) age 52 white female, married 26 years They are apparently living next door or on the same property as: Dutcher, James A. (Head of Household) age 50 white male, married 25 years, farmer Jennie (Wife) age 39 white female, married 25 years Floyd W. (Son) age 24 white male Mable A. (Dau) age 11 white female Clarence L. (Son) age 8 white male Viola F. (Dau) age 5 white female Bertha B. (Dau) age 16 months w. female There is some confusion about whether George's twin was "James" or "Jaines" (sic/sp.), but based on the census records found by Valarie Sherman Bigler, I cannot determine the accuracy of all these listings. George was apparently never married. Here are links to the census records that Valarie located: 1860 Census, Oxford NY 1880 Census, Oxford NY 1910 Census, McDonough NY N.B.: Brisben is part of Greene township, Chenango County, NY. Brisben is just north of the village of Greene on NY Highway 12. McDonough just west of Norwich, Chenango County, NY. Genealogy HOME Search Tool