1833 Jane Brown

Born: May 29, 1833 in Pennsylvania Died: Dec. 30, 1898 in South Dakota, aged 65 years 7 months 1 day. She died of an illness. She is buried in Bangor Cemetery, Walworth County, South Dakota. She shares a gravestone with her mother; their graves are next to that of Jane's husband, James Mortimer Pulis. Her father was Jonathan Brown. Her mother was Mary Babcock. She was married Dec. 30, 1850 to James Mortimer Pulis in Pennsylvania. Children of Jane Brown and James Mortimer Pulis are: 1852 Ellen Isadore Pulis 1854 Oscar Mortimer Pulis 1857 Mary (Mae) Pulis 1876 Elmer James Pulis 1876 Emery Brown Pulis Elmer and Emery were twins. James was a farmer. He and Jane moved their family to South Dakota in 1884. To the right, gravestones of Jane Brown Pulis and James Mortimer Pulis in Bangor Cemetery near Selby, Walworth County, South Dakota. - Info and photos courtesy of Charles B. Woodruff - Here is a letter that Charles wrote to me (James Alan Sherman) in August 2010, concerning his research on James Mortimer Pulis and Jane Brown Pulis. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.