Jane C. Wood

Born: April 26, 1836 in Plainfield, Connecticut Died: 1874, place unknown. Her father was Ezra Wood. Her mother was Elizabeth Fuller. She was married to William Judson Sherman on March 22, 1855 in Plainfield, Windham County, CT, in a double ceremony with her brother Daniel Wood and his bride, Mary Amanda Slade. They had six children: Charles Sherman born 1856 Robie Sherman born May 21, 1858 Ella Sherman born May 25, 1860 William A. Sherman born Aug. 1, 1862 Nellie Sherman born May 31, 1866 George H. Sherman born Jan. 12, 1868 The 1855 census for Masonville, NY lists: Judson, age 26, farmer; Jane, age 18 (wife); (Jane C. Wood, born in Plainfield, CT) Judson had lived in Masonville all his life (26 years); Jane had lived there for 2.5 years (at the time of the census). Jane's middle name was probably "Cornelia", after her mother and/or her grandmother. The photo shows Jane and William together; the two persons at the bottom are not identified, but are likely Jane and William at another time. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.