1836 Clarissa Ann Sweet

Born: Jan. 9, 1836 at Boonville, Oneida County, NY Died: Sep. 27, 1929 at Mohawk, Herkimer County, NY She was buried in the town cemetery of Mohawk, Herkimer Co., NY. She lived to be 93 years old. Conflicting information found on other sources shows that she died in 1923, but this is incorrect. Refer to her obituary from the newspaper in the link below. JAS Her father was Caleb Sweet. Caleb was a direct descendant of the bonesetter Sweet that first settled in Rhode Island. Her mother was Mary Piper of Boonville. She was married July 3, 1852 to Isaac Clemens. Isaac and Clarissa had three children together: 1857 Etta Clemens - she married Charles Buck. N.B. Etta may have also been married to a man named "Filleau". 1867 Bessie Ann Clemens - she married Cyrus (aka Claude Marvin) Dutcher. 1874 Luna Clemens - she married Lewis Eckhart. They had two children: Edward Eckhart Arleigh Eckhart These may have also been children of Isaac and/or Clarissa: 1852 Griffin Clemens (died 1863) 1860 Pitt M. Clemens (died 1884) 1862 Myrtle Clemens (died 1885?) All three names are in the same tombstone with Isaac Clemens and Clarissa Sweet, also included is Luna Clemens - however Etta and Bessie are not named on the tombstone. Clarissa also had three brothers: Frank Sweet of Syracuse, NY; Rutger Sweet of Ilion, NY; and Douglas Sweet of Detroit, Michigan. ..and two sisters: Mrs. Jerry O'Leary of Patchogue and Mrs. Louise Cambell [sic] (Campbell?) of Patchogue. She was a member of the Universalist Church. The photo at upper right was probably taken in 1917. The address says "30 (or perhaps 39) Moeller Street, Binghamton, NY". The caption "Right From Paris" refers to her outfit. Here is a photoscan and text transcription of her obituary from the Mohawk, New York newspaper dated Sept. 28, 1929. Genealogy HOME Search Tool