1840 John W. Wood

Born: (before August) in 1840 in Colchester, Connecticut. Died: Oct. 13, 1862 at or near Antietam Creek, Maryland. His father was 1806 Ezra Wood His mother was ____ Jane Fuller. John was the twin brother of 1840 Asahel F. Wood. He was married Jan. 16, 1858 to Emily Tammos in Bozrah, CT. Here is a bit of his history, from descendant Katherine E. Kokko: Yesterday (September 17, 2012) was the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam. My ancestor, John W. Wood fought under Burnside in Company 'H', 11th Connecticut Volunteers (Infantry), and was wounded at Antietam, while taking the Burnside Bridge over Antietam Creek. He would die of his wounds several weeks later, leaving a widow and an infant daughter he had never met. His twin brother, Asa, would name his son John in his honor. His own daughter had no children of her own, so it is now up to other branches of his family tree to remember his service. Lincoln toured the field hospitals after the Battle and I like to think that perhaps John Wood had the chance to meet President Lincoln before succumbing to his wounds. He was one of four Wood brothers who served in the Civil War. While my "Connecticut boys" fought on the same side, they and their mother experienced heartbreak as the band of four would be reduced to two by the time the Civil War ended. Their hardships were not glamourous. Their thoughts and words have not been preserved for history because they were not officers, community leaders nor well-educated. They were working class mill laborers. The two brothers that survived would carry physical impairments for the rest of their lives. As we commemorate the people and the history of the Civil War, we must remember and honor the experience of the common solider, whose voice is often lost to us in the 21st century. Katherine E. Kokko Genealogy HOME Search Tool