1846 James Benjamin Stembridge

Born: 1846 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia (probably in Skipwith) Died: Unknown His father is unknown. His mother was Lettie (Stembridge), born 1825, place unknown. He was married Jan. 12, 1876 to Elizabeth (Betsy) Forlines (1860-1885). James and Betsy were married Jan. 12, 1876 and had 4 children: William H. - Feb 1877 Lillian - Sept 1879 Annie E. - Oct 1881 Maude S. - Feb 1884 Betsy died in 1885. James then married Nannie Elem Gregory on 16 Aug 1887, in Mecklenburg County, VA. They had eight children together: Bettie S - Aug 1888 Martha S. - Aug 1889 Charles S - Sept 1890 James Thomas - Nov 10, 1891 1894 Silas W. Stembridge. (other records show March 1893) Theresa - Mar 1896 1898 Mildred Anna Stembridge. Finnis - about 1900 I found this information in census records, marriage certificates and death certificates. There's more Aunts and sister in law and mother in law I haven't told you about yet but I will as soon as I can. I need to get it all straight in my head! Val Genealogy HOME Search Tool