1847 Gitty Marie Sherman

Born: 1847 (?) in Masonville, Delaware County, NY Died: Unknown Her father /may/ have been 1789 Job Sherman Her mother /may/ have been 1819 Polly Ann Mills Her date of birth may not be correct, as she is listed as the third child of Job and Polly, however Charlotte, who is listed as their first child, also has a date of birth of 1847. Also, the 1850 census does not mention Gitty Marie at all. The birthdates for both Charlotte (1st child) and Zillah (2nd child) appear to be correct as 1847 and 1853 respectively. The 1870 census for Tompkins Township lists Gitty Marie's death while living in Masonville, NY. - Research by Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood, aka Millie Lockwood - Genealogy HOME Search Tool.