1848 Almira Beecher

Born: about 1848, probably in Farmersburg, Sullivan County, IN Died: about 1916, probably in Farmersburg, Sullivan County, IN Her birth year is not known with certainty; 1848 is an estimate, based on other information. She died at the age of 68. Her father is unknown. Her mother is unknown. She was married in 1868 to Alexander Perry Asbury. They had these ten children together: 1869 Eva Asbury (died 1950) 1871 Maude Asbury (died 1926) 1875 Ida Asbury 1875 George Fred Asbury (died 1938) 1877 Bertha Asbury 1880 Arthur Perry Asbury 1882 Sarah Jane Asbury (died 1947) known as "Jen" 1885 Charles Emery Asbury (died 1951) 1887 Joseph Lester Asbury (died 1960) 1889 Raymond Asbury (died 1906) The first three were born in Illinois; the other seven were born in or near Farmersburg, Indiana. Almira was commonly called "Myra". Almira died about 1916 - this fact is deduced from information about the death of her husband and other information contained in this family history written by her son, Joseph Lester Asbury. Genealogy HOME Search Tool