1854 Oscar Mortimer Pulis

Born: Dec. 22, 1854 in Dyberry Township, Wayne Co., Penn. Died: Feb. 3, 1935 in Vallonia Springs, Chenango County, NY He was buried Feb. 5, 1935 in Glenwood Cemetery, Afton, Chenango Co., NY His father was 1828 James Mortimer Pulis. His mother was 1833 Jane Brown. Oscar was married Aug. 12, 1883 to 1859 Euphemia Walker Faatz. They had three children together: 1884 Emma Jane Pulis born Dec. 30, 1884 in Lestershire (Johnson City), NY 1891 Lulu May Pulis born Mar. 28, 1891 in or near Binghamton, NY 1900 Norma Rose Pulis born Mar. 12, 1900 in Bangor, Walworth, SD Oscar's parents moved from Pennsylvania to South Dakota in 1884. Both of them died and were buried there. Oscar moved his family to South Dakota in 1896. Prior to that time he had been working at the company owned by his sons-in-law, Faatz Brush and Felting Works. Oscar moved his family back to New York state, probably about 1903. The photo shows Oscar Pulis at his home on the former Dutton farm in Vallonia Springs (Afton), New York, in about 1921. This is near Bettsburg Corners, and Bettsburg road intersects Route 41 just north of the farm. The street address is in Nineveh, NY. Oscar was a small, meek man who read the Bible nearly every evening. He was fussy with his tools and always wiped them down after using them. He liked to please his wife and would sometimes come home with a pretty dish he'd bought for her. Oscar had a Colt 45 revolver which his daughter Norma gave away to a family friend, about 1951. Oscar's grandson Robert N. Livingston was about 12 years old at the time and still remembers this in 2011. For some reason, his mother did not want him to have that Colt 45...but he can no longer remember why that was. According to his death certificate, he had lived on the farm in Vallonia Springs (near Afton), New York, for 20 years prior to his death. He died after an illness of 12 days of nephritis (kidney inflammation). Shirley Morley Woodruff remembers going to the farm when he was dying. She was not allowed in the bedroom where he was lying because he was so ill. Info and photos courtesy of Charles B. Woodruff Genealogy HOME Search Tool. Below is another photo showing: (Back row) Euphemia and Oscar Pulis; Marian, Lulu and Ralph Morley; Norma (Pulis) Livingston (Front row) Margaret Livingston; Donald, Marjorie, and Stanley Morley; Kenneth Livingston at a picnic on Lily Lake, near Chenango Forks, New York, in about 1927.