1857 Mary L. (Mae) Pulis

Born: Sep. 26, 1857 in Pennsylvania Died: Nov. 14, 1947 in Marion County, Oregon (age 90) Her father was 1828 James Mortimer Pulis. Her mother was 1833 Jane Brown. She was married Sep. 14, 1880 to Case VanAllstyne Conyne. They had four children together: 1881 Charles Warren Conyne b. Aug. 24, 1881 d. Jan. 1968 1886 Reed C. Conyne b. 1886 d. 1949 1889 Laura J. Conyne b. Mar. 19, 1889 d. Sep. 1977 1892 Helen I. Conyne b. Dec. 9, 1892 d. Apr. 22, 1992 The photo at upper right was probably her wedding photo, taken in 1880; she would have been 23 years of age at that time. Here is a photo of Case and Mae and other relatives, taken for their 50th wedding anniversary in September, 1930. Below is a scan of the inscription on the back of the photograph, which I have also transcribed here for greater legibility: Back row: Marnie, Donni, Ruby, Caral, Reed C. Conyne, Paul Front row: Mr. Rhodes (Caral's father), Jud Balkeorn (or Balkeom), Case Conyne, Mae Pulis Conyne, Helen Conyne, Reed Conyne Jr. N.B.: "This was taken on our 50th wedding anniversary, so Laura and Warren are not in the picture". Helen is the one in "the middle row" by herself. The name "Warren" may refer to her son, (1881) Charles Warren Conyne. Note that the comment "Aunt Mae - sister of Oscar Pulis - she lived in Oregon" is written later and in a different hand, apparently by a niece or nephew.

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