1862 Lucius Axtell

Born: Jan. 30, 1862 at Tompkins Township, Delaware County, NY Died: December 1919 at Deposit, Delaware County, NY He was buried in the cemetery at Barbourville, New York. His father was Henry S. Axtell. His mother was Electa Wright. Lucius is shown in this 1900 family photo. Lucius and Lucia Axtell were twins. Lucius never married, in so far as is known. He was listed in the 1870 Census for Tompkins Township, Delaware County, New York. Lucius was an amateur inventor and his niece, Yvonne Axtell Berman, has copies of three patent applications made by Lucius. He was a woodworker (finish carpenter) and built a large secretary desk which was in the home of her parents, Ralph Elliot Axtell and Leta Sherman Axtell. She also has his tool chest and an edge planer, which has his initials on one end. Genealogy HOME Search Tool