William Grant Faatz

Born: Dec. 22, 1864 near Honesdale, Wayne County, Penn. Died: Mar. 14, 1924 at Binghamton, Broome County, New York. His father was Henry G. Faatz. His mother was Jane E. Mayhew. In 1890, Will and two of his brothers started the Faatz Brush and Felting Works. As Will also became a fireman, it is not known how active a role he took in the family business, but apparently he was simply a very active and capable businessman, because he also later owned and operated the Binghamton Motor Car Company, located at 199 Water St. in Binghamton, which today (2011) is the site of the parking garage for Boscov's Department Store. He was married Dec. 24, 1891 to Rose M. Moore in Buffalo, Erie County, New York. Will was also a fireman. The photo above shows Will in his fire department uniform. It was taken in Lestershire (later called Johnson City), NY sometime in the 1890's. In the newly incorporated village of Lestershire, a board of water commissioners was established as a distinct branch of local government. The first commissioners were: Edward M. Kain, chosen for one year; Dr. S. P. Allen, chosen for two years; and William G. Faatz, chosen for three years. The first meeting of the board was held September 10, 1895. William G. Faatz was re-elected to the water board in 1899. The First Baptist church and society of Lestershire was incorporated July 30, 1891, with Loren D. Duren, Thomas L. Dunham and Harrison Zimmer for trustees. In the same year the church was formally organized and a house of worship was erected on land donated to the society by G. Harry Lester. The building cost about $3,000. The first pastor was Rev. William R. Stone, who died about two months after his pastoral service began. Rev. George Hine next suc- ceeded to the pulpit and remained with the church about one and one- half years. The present (in 1900) pastor, Rev. J. M. Crandall, came to Lestershire September 1, 1893, and under his ministrations the church has continually increased in strength and usefulness. The present membership is 260 persons (in 1900). The officers of the church are Rev. J. M. Crandall, pastor; Cyrenus N. Day and Sylvester Clark, deacons. The trustees of the society are Thomas L. Dunham, Cyrenus N. Day, S. T. Harding, D. T. Ballou, William G. Faatz, and Rev. V. M. Seagers. William (and his brothers) are mentioned several times in this History of Binghamton. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.