1864 Cyrus Marvin Dutcher

Born: Oct. 14, 1864 at Brisben (Greene), Chenango County,New York Died: Feb. 19, 1931 at Hancock, Delaware County, New York At the time of his death, he was aged 66 yrs, 4 mos. 6 days. He was buried in a vault at Riverview Cemetery in Hancock, NY, but in those days that usually meant that the body was intended to be moved elsewhere. There does not appear to be any record of him any longer at Riverview Cemetery. His father was 1820 Arnold Dutcher, born in New York state. His mother was 1830 Lydia A. _____, born in New York state. He had at least two brothers, 1860 James and 1861 George; here is a photo of Cyrus, George and James Dutcher He also had a sister, Alice L. Dutcher, born about 1862. I have no information about Alice at this time. Cyrus' year of birth is taken from his death certificate, of which I have a copy, obtained by my niece, Valarie Sherman Bigler. He was known throughout most of his adult life as "Claude", not Cyrus, but the reason for that is now lost to history. He was married to 1867 Bessie Ann Clemens. They apparently had these children together: 1892 Leon Dutcher 1895 Claude Marvin Dutcher 1899 Bessie Ann Dutcher They lived about one mile or so up Sands Creek Road from Hancock, towards Cannonsville, up on the mountaintop. The property had a rock quarry on it. They also kept bees for a time after demand for cut rock diminished during the Great Depression. Cyrus bought this property about 1901. The photo at top right was probably taken in 1917. Cyrus would have been approximately 53 years of age at that time. The date of the lower photo was probably 1917 but that is not known for certain. He died at the home of Michael Neenan, after a short illness. The cause of death was listed as "Broncho Pneumonia" with a contributing factor of myocarditis. He was ill for six days before passing away. He had lived in Hancock for 29 years at the time of his passing. At the time of his death, his wife Bessie was residing in Bainbridge, NY. He was attended by F. M. Woolsey, M.D. of Hancock. I have no information about Michael Neenan at this time; he was most likely a neighbor. James Alan Sherman Cyrus Dutcher death certificate. Genealogy HOME Search Tool