1866 Caroline Lucretia Burhyte

Born: Nov. 11, 1866 at Windsor, Broome County, NY Died: May 12, 1917 probably at Windsor, Broome County, NY Her father was 1812 John M. Burhyte. Her mother was 1844 Catherine Ann Brock. She was married July 15, 1882 to 1857 Myron James Livingston. They had ten children together: 1883 John Jacob Livingston died in 1887 1885 Fannie Kathern Livingston married to Frank L. Weidman 1887 Forrest Myron Livingston married to Viola Amelia Doolittle 1890 Elwyn James Livingston married to Viola Cleveland 1892 Bessie Ann Livingston married to John L. (or R.)Tanner 1895 Minor Howard Livingston married to Ada Teale 1896 George McKinley Livingston married to Mabel Bullock 1898 Austin Thomas Livingston married to Norma Rose Pulis 1900 Eva Mae Livingston married to Nelson A. Pulz 1908 Edna Lucretia Livingston married to Elmer Harvey Benson The photo upper right was created as a postcard, addressed to Caroline's brother James Burhyte, but was either hand-delivered or never sent. It was probably taken about 1909 or 1910. Below is a copy of the marriage record. It reads as follows: Mr. Myron J. Livingston was married to Miss Carrie L. Burhyte July the 15th, 1882 by Rev. J.R. Wagner of Lanesborough, PA. Here is a 1918 Photo taken at a Livingston/Burhyte famiy reunion. Caroline is not shown as she died in 1917. Information from Robert N. Livingston Jr. and Peggy Brewster Genealogy HOME Search Tool