1867 Charles Elliot Axtell

Born: Oct. 26, 1867 at Barbourville, NY Died: Feb. 22, 1915 age 48 at Bennettsville, NY His father was Henry S. Axtell. His mother was Electa J. Wright. He was married Apr. 18, 1895 to Olive J. Whitaker, the daughter of Edward and Emma Whitaker. They were married at Deposit, NY. They had these children together: 1896 Ethel Axtell (died after 1992) 1900 Florence Axtell (died after 1992) 1903 Millard H. Axtell (died in the 1960's or 1970's) 1906 Mary Celia Axtell (died after 1992) 1914 Ralph Elliot Axtell (died 1992) Charles was a farmer in Bennettsville, NY, and a Baptist. After Charles died, Olive was shown living as a widow in Bainbridge, New York, in 1943. Charles, Olive, Ethel and Florence are shown in this 1900 family photo. Genealogy HOME Search Tool