1867 Bessie Ann Clemens

Born: July 5, 1867 at Herkimer, Herkimer County, New York. Died: Mar. 30, 1934 at Hancock, Delaware County, New York. At the time of her death she was aged 66 yrs, 8 mos. 25 days. She was buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Bainbridge, New York. She died of Carcinoma of the pylorus and gall bladder; info is from her death certificate. She was attended by L.E. Woolsey, M.D. of Hancock. Her father was 1827 Isaac Clemens. Her mother was 1836 Clarissa Ann Sweet. NOTE: Her name may have been spelled "Clemons" or "Clemmens"; research continues. In her daughter's autobiography, the name is spelled "Clemons", however the newspaper account of her death spelled her name "Clemens". One would expect both to be correct, however one or both was obviously in error. I am using "Clemens". She was married to 1864 Cyrus Marvin Dutcher. She was later married to a man named "Swingle", given name unknown. Nothing is known about Mr. Swingle at this time. Bessie Clemens and Cyrus Dutcher had four children together, of whom one apparently died at birth and another may not have lived to maturity; I only have information about these three: 1892 Leon Dutcher 1895 Claude Marvin Dutcher. 1899 Bessie Ann Dutcher. They lived for many years on a mountain on Sands Creek Road in Hancock, New York. The location is believed to be about one mile up Sands Creek Road from Hancock, towards Cannonsville. Bessie was a music teacher, and there was an organ in the house. She taught her daughter Bessie music and the "three R's" at home. She is mentioned in the autobiography of her daughter, 1899 Bessie Dutcher, and also in the autobiography of her grand-daughter, 1926 Ruth Esther Sherman. 1867 Bessie Clemens death certificate. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.