1873 Luna Clemens

Born: Nov. 1873 probably at Herkimer, New York. Died: 1968 at Mohawk, Herkimer County, NY. She is buried in Mohawk Cemetery, Herkimer County, NY. Her father was Isaac Clemens. Her mother was Clarissa Ann Sweet. NOTE: Her name may have been spelled "Clemons" or "Clemmens"; research continues. In her niece's autobiography, the name is spelled "Clemons", however the newspaper account of her mother's death spelled the name "Clemens". One would expect both to be correct, however one or both was obviously in error. Most of the records I have seen use the name "Clemens". She was married to Lewis Eckhart of Mohawk, NY. They had two children together: 1895 Edward L. Eckhart born Dec. 1895 1897 Arleigh Eckhart born May 1897 She is mentioned in her niece's autobiography. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.